Congratulations on making the decision to apply. It's a three-step process, so make sure to fill out all three steps.

Step one: read the sales page

Please make sure that you've read the VIP Weekend page before filling this out.

Please note: I don't believe in high pressure sales and will not take on a client that I don't believe will be a success story.

Step Two: fill out the application form

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Erika only takes calls with people who are ready, willing, and able to invest on the discovery call. This means you should bring your credit card with you and if you have to speak to a partner, do so before getting on the phone. Which option are you most interested in? *
By putting down a deposit on the phone, whether in full or instalments, you agree that all payments are final and that you will pay any remaining payments on time.

step three: book your time

*Note: If you aren't a good fit, we will cancel your appointment. Please book at least 72 hours away from the current date, as you will need time to fill in the transformation assessment.