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Erica Gwynn

"Eri helped me see my own power, and as a result, companies started seeing it - and paid me well for it."

When I started working with Erika, I was adjusting to working for myself. I LOVELOVELOVE that she pushed me out of my comfort zone and asked me to confront tough limiting beliefs.  In her no-BS but empathetic way, Erika helped me get over the comparison syndrome that was keeping me underpaid and unhappy with my blog. 

I 5x'ed my income in the first 30 days of working together, and I even got a pitch from STARBUCKS to work together. I have multiple deals lined up and I'm now completely confident in my value. By following my design, what I created was BEYOND anything I could have imagined.

One of my big goals in our first session was to get a free LV Neverfull. I got an e-mail right before our last call that the bag was finally coming in - 90 days after we started... after trying to make it happen for a year. It's because I now believed I was worthy of it. LOVELOVELOVE you, girl!

-Erica Gwynn, Lifestyle Influencer

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Erika Ashleyone
Rachel Spencer

"My mindset and confidence have soared so high that even my boyfriend notices. He loves Erika as much as I do now!"

I can honestly say that without Erika, I would still just be a girl with a dream. She’s been there guiding and strategizing with me through every single monumental moment. I spent every single cent from my savings account to work with her (which made me want to puke) and 2 months later, I quit my 9-5 job. A couple months after that, I had my first 10k+ month. Now, those 5-figure months are the norm. I've had multiple five-figure launches and every month, my income grows. This was my first 50k month, meaning that I made half of what I made in 2019 in just 30 days.

But my transformation is more than just riches.  Each time I upleveled, I was faced with many inner challenges but she coached me through every single one. I’ve recently raised my prices to what I deserve (and got booked out), and my mindset is literally the best it’s ever been. I cannot recommend this gal enough.

Rachel Spencer, Instagram Expert + Body Positive Influencer

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Erika Ashleyone
Kierra Jones

“I signed my first $10k client, and had my first $20k cash month because of our work together!”

Erika is the realness. She’ll tell it like it is, and ask questions that help me get to the right answer vs giving me answers. I had another coach at the same time and the level of push was completely different. Erika was so much more helpful.

Erika is an energetic mentor who pushes you to massively uplevel! She helps you show up in your business in a much bigger way, and take action to make your goals happen.”

Kierra Jones, The Shine Strategist™

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Erika Ashleyone
Jenny Suneson

“When I was working with Erika, I signed 10 new clients in 45 days and hit record months in my business.”

I left my sessions with Erika feeling more confident and convinced that I could make my business work. If you want to see results, work with Erika.

Jenny Suneson, Lifestyle Influencer + Social Media Manager

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Erika Ashleyone
Dani Driusso

"What Erika saw in me, no one else really saw or picked up on."

When I started working with Erika, she pulled stuff out of me that had been laying dormant for years. What I was doing before our work together felt very “surface level.” I was in the money game of getting more and more and more.

I convinced myself that I wasn’t allowed to teach on what I wanted to teach on and make money, that they HAD to be mutually exclusive.

It wasn’t until Eri kathat I started to see a whole new level of Dani. Now, I am just so fulfilled in what I teach, it’s growing rapidly, and she was right about everything she saw in me. The work that I did with Erika was truly just life changing on every single level.

-Daniele Driusso, Voice Specialist, Speaker + Podcaster

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Erika Ashleyone